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Based of our vast experience in the M2M and IoT sector, we gladly support our customers with realization of their individual projects. If you have any question regarding to our core knowledge in Telemetry, data collection, communication technologies or special technical design, please contact us.

Actual information

In order to continuously provide the latest technology standards, we need to discontinue older version of our products from time to time. Continuous development and optimization of actual product versions that support the latest innovations and technology, is our main focus.

Therefore, we no longer service or replace RTU units model T707 with serial numbers below 3000.

However, we will gladly send you an offer for a swap to the new model version M717.

Maintenance work

Currently there is no maintenance work scheduled from our side, data center or network providers. In case of scheduled outages, we will inform you here.

Scheduled Maintenance work

Date Provider Outage
Currently there is no maintenance work scheduled


Date Provider Outage
02.07.2019 16:20 - 22:10 UTC Telekom Austria Issues with roaming services which lead to outages.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive.

 The Metrilog Gateway is at your service 24/7, 365 days a year.


 We are glad to be at your service! For specific support inquiries, please send us an email at support@metrilog.com

Supported Sensors

The Metrilog units support all SDI-12 (1.3) compatible sensors as well as some proprietary protocols of different sensor/weather station manufacturers. Down below, you can find a short abstract of sensors that are already used in various projects, respectively of sensors that are SDI-12 compatible and therefore plug & play with our units:

Manufacturer Protocol Model (abstract)
Acclima SDI-12 TDR-310S, TDR-315, TDR-315L, TDT Soil Moisture Sensor
Apogee SDI-12 SP-421-SS
AquaSpy SDI-12 AquaSpy
Campbell Scientific SDI-12 CS215, CS451, CS230-L
Davis Instruments Davis Vantage Pro 2
Delta-T SDI-12 PR2
EnviroPro SDI-12 EP100G, EP100GL
FTS SDI-12 DTS-12, Radar Stage Sensor
GroPoint SDI-12 Lite / Pro
HydraWize SDI-12 TriBus
Imko SDI-12 PICO 64
In-Situ SDI-12 RDO Pro-X, TROLL 400
Instromet SDI-12 Sun Duration Sensor
Keller America SDI-12 Digilevel, 36 Xi W
Lambrecht Lambrecht Tropos 112/124
Lufft SDI-12 WS100, WS200, WS300, WS301, WS302, WS303, WS304, WS310, WS400, WS500, WS501, WS502, WS503, WS504, WS510, WS600, WS601, WS700, WS800, IRS31Pro, Ventus
Meter / Decagon SDI-12 Atmos 14, Teros 21
Microstep-MIS SDI-12 MSB780, MSB780X
Ott SDI-12 PLS, TRH, Parsivel2, HydroLab DS5 / DS5X / MS5, Pluvio2 S / L
Sentek SDI-12 EnviroSCAN
Sommer SDI-12 SPA-2, IDS-20
Thies Thies TDL14, TDL16
Vaisala SDI-12 WXT510, WXT520, WXT530, WMT7000
Young SDI-12 Response One

Due to the standardized Metrilog platform implementation of various other protocols can be done within a short period of time. Please contact us for more information.

Installation examples

Our products can be combined in different ways and therefore create solutions for individual requirements. A list of possible varieties of installations is available down below. Please note that you can easily combine all kinds of sensors, and that the examples below do not represent all possible combinations.

SDI-12 (one sensor)

The RTU is connected to the sensor via T-unit. The sensor is integrated into an electrical enclosure and thus, powers both units.

SDI-12 (multiple sensors)

The RTU is connected to the sensor via T-unit. The T-unit is connected to another one with an additional sensor and so on and so forth.

This way a SDI-12 installation can be extended to numerous amounts of SDI-12 sensors. The M717 is directly power supplied by the enclousure and so power consumption is not an issue.

SDI-12 (with solar panel)

The solar panel allows unattended operation in remote locations. The Metrilog T110 unit saves collected energy into the integrated battery and allows operation over several days even if the sun does not shine. The T110 is directly connected to the RTU and sensors. When choosing the sensors that should be connected, please make sure that they are capable of working in a very ultra-low power mode.

Installation with Davis console

The RTU is connected to the Davis connection box with a special "Davis cable" designed by Metrilog. This connects to the power adapter and also to the "WeatherLink Serial Adapter" over the serial interface which is connected to the Davis console.

Combination - SDI-12 and either Thies datalogger or Davis console

The M717 remote telemetry unit can be connected to one or more SDI-12 sensors and either one Thies datalogger or Davis console at the same time.

Lambrecht (Tropos)

Sensors are connected directly to the RTU and the Lambrecht datalogger with a T-unit. Both devices are powered by an external power supply.

Thies datalogger (TDL14/DL16)

The Metrilog telemetry unit is directly connected to the Thies datalogger with a cable, specially designed by Metrilog. Constant power supply is provided by the Thies unit.

Security and high availability matters to us!

Our data collection center is monitored constantly to ensure permanent data availability and smooth service operation.

Cellular Operators

Our collaboration with various network operators over the years has allowed us to develop a deep understanding about international processes in regards to network stability, support and general technical issues.


You can find a short summary of our experiences with different operators that we have collaborated with, down below.

(Ratings are based on a scale of 1-5, where 5 is the worst and 1 is the best)

Operator Rating Experience
AT&T 2 fast reaction time; stable network; competitive pricing
Globe Philippines 3 high coverage; reliable network quality; technically ahead of other local providers
Mobistar Belgium 2 invoicing system not suitable for international clients; hard to find competent personnel
O2 3 GSM network after consolidation with Eplus more stable than before; reaction time regarding support or other issues are very long and sometimes ends up taking an eternity; help desk staff often seem overworked
Orange France 3 very reliable and stable network; almost no support necessary; inflexible pricing; not prepared to work directly with international customers
Orange Luxembourg 4 sloppy reaction to support inquiries; price/value ratio to high
Rogers 2 most cooperative network provider in Canada; flexible in dealing with international customers; pricing okay
Smart Philippines 4 insecure network infrastructure can lead to SIM card abuse; network coverage insufficient; long reaction time
Swisscom 1 stable network; highly qualified technical support assistance; fast reaction time; rather high prices for an online customer center
Telekom Austria 1 excellent regional coverage; fast reaction times; user-friendly online customer platform; active in various countries thus offering SIM cards for worldwide use at acceptable pricing
TIM Italy 4 not prepared for international customers; highest communication prices compared to other operators within the EU
Vodafone Deutschland 3 unflexible data plans; activating/deactivating of SIM cards is complicated and time consuming; high network quality and performance; fast reaction times with technical inquiries
Vodafone Romania 2 stable network; good ratio between price and performance; technically qualified support staff

This list is not intended to be exhaustive. It displays an objective assessment, based on our experience with these providers over many years.

Discontinuation of various services by international operators

Mobile communication technologies are continuously being improved. Older technologies like GSM or other analog services need to be discontinued. We will continue to inform you about countries in which network operators intend to discontinue 2G and 3G services in the upcoming years.

Country Operator End of 2G services End of 3G services
Austria A1 01/2035 2024
Austria Drei no date announced 2024
Austria Magenta no date announced 2024
Australia Telstra since 12/2016 no date announced
Australia Vodafone since 07/2018 no date announced
Belgium Mobistar no date announced no date announced
Germany Deutsche Telekom (D1) no date announced 01/2021
Germany Vodafone estimated 2025 06/2021
Germany O2 no date announced 2022
France Orange no date announced no date announced
France Bouygues Telecom no date announced no date announced
India BSNL no date announced no date announced
Italy TIM no date announced no date announced
Italy Vodafone no date announced no date announced
Italy Wind no date announced no date announced
Liechtenstein Telecom no date announced no date announced
Luxembourg Orange no date announced no date announced
Netherlands T-Mobile 11/2020 no date announced
Netherlands KPN 01/2021 no date announced
Norway Telenor 2025 2020
Switzerland Swisscom 12/2020 2025
Switzerland Salt 12/2020 no date announced
Switzerland Sunrise 01/2022 no date announced
United Kingdom Vodafone no date announced 2021/2022
USA AT&T since 01/2017 02/2022
USA T-Mobile 12/2020 02/2022
USA Verizon 12/2019 12/2020

Please note, it is also possible that some mobile operators will still have their 2G/3G networks in operation but no service or maintenance work will be conducted.

This information is only meant to give you a brief overview. This list does not claim to be exhaustive. Metrilog cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of his data. All information is provided without guarantee.

  Metrilog - over 10 years of experience in data communication systems

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Machine to Machine

What is M2M?
Machine to machine (commonly abbreviated as M2M) refers to direct communication between devices using any communications channel, including wired and wireless.

Machine to machine communication can include industrial instrumentation, enabling a sensor or meter to communicate the data it records (such as temperature, inventory level, etc.) to application software that can use it (for example, adjusting an industrial process based on temperature or placing orders to replenish inventory). Such communication was originally accomplished by having a remote network of machines relay information back to a central hub for analysis, which would then be rerouted into a system like a personal computer. 

More recent machine to machine communication has changed into a system of networks that transmits data to personal appliances. The expansion of IP networks around the world has made machine to machine communication quicker and easier while using less power. These networks also allow new business opportunities for consumers and suppliers.

Source: Wikipedia
What is IoT?
What are the benefits of M2M in general?
What is M2M technology used for?
What are the benefits of wireless M2M?
Why use a managed service like Metrilog for M2M?
How do I start working with my M2M application?
What does an M2M solution consist of?

Products and Services

Which radio module is built into the M717?
The radio module Huawei ME909s-120 is used in our RTUs.

Technical data

Form factor 145-pin LGA
Frequency bands LTE (FDD): B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B20
EDGE/GPRS/GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Data transmission rate DC-HSPA+ :Downlink:42 Mbps, Uplink: 5.76 Mbps
LTE FDD: Downlink:150 Mbps, Uplink: 50 Mbps @Bandwidth 20M (CAT4)
Which sensors and protocols are supported?
In which countries can the RTU be used?
Is it possible to operate sensors over the micro-USB connector?
Is it possible to upgrade the firmware of sensors connected to the RTU over the air (OTA)?
Where do I find the serial number of my RTU?
How many SDI-12 sensors can be operated on one RTU at the same time?
Which sensors can be used at the same time?
How can data be retrieved?
How much data can be stored in one RTU?
Why does the RTU not have a LAN, WiFi or Bluetooth interface?
How long can a RTU operate with a solar panel?
How do I access the Metrilog M2M Gateway?
What if I lose the SIM card?
Can I make a SIM change anytime?
Can I use any SIM card?
Who do I contact for additional questions?

 Your opinion matters to us!

Feel free to give us any feedback.




Our servers are monitored by external partners and us 24/7 to ensure permanent availability.

In case of an interruption a technician will immediately take the necessary steps to restore services.
Down below, you can find information about the high availability of our services over the past years. Data below solely refers to the performance of the Metrilog M2M gateway as we cannot take responsibility or influence of any kind of malfunction or problems within the operator's networks.
2019 (up to date)

Technical consulting

We will gladly support you in realizing your individual M2M or IoT projects.

Return of merchandise and warranty

If you experience a problem or malfunction of one of our units within 12 months after purchase, you can return the product to us for testing and repair without charge.

ROMs are only accepted if you fill out the attached form. You will get an RMA number which is displayed on the outside of the package that you send to us.

Please note that merchandise returns without RMA number are not accepted.


For optimizing response times and to organize our support process as efficiently as possible, we kindly ask you to address your requests centrally at Support.

Within the scope of our standard service agreement, our team is available to handle your requests from Monday to Friday during working hours from 9 am to 6 pm.

Agreements beyond this standard might be negotiated.

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