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M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) applications require intelligent, flexible and cost-efficient systems to reach their full potential. Metrilog has the technology and the know-how to help you implement M2M applications. Metrilog provides a M2M platform that encompasses the entire telemetry/telecontrol chain, from the remote units up to the final application.

Metrilog's platform is based on established standards, starting from the RTU's interfaces up to standardized data collection, storage and delivery through the M2M Gateway. Although we generally prefer using standard technologies, we will also support implementation of proprietary technologies on demand.
Metrilog Prozess

Hardware and Software - everything you need from one supplier!

Metrilog Remote Terminal Unit

M717 and T707 also known as RTU (remote terminal unit) are used to collect data from different devices or sensors, store them into their internal memory, and automatically deliver collected data to the central gateway.

Data transmission is exclusively done by SIM cards that are already built-in during production. Cooperation with different network operators all over the world enables us to operate the units in almost any region worldwide.


  Low power consumption Very low power consumption - perfect for applications where no standard power supply is available
  Low cost Optimized data communication, resulting in lower operating costs
  Alerts Event triggered alarm system
  Environmental protection IP-66 environmental protection class for outdoor use
  OTA Upgrade OTA (over the air) flash upgrades are performed remotely from the M2M Gateway
  Programmable Flexible sensor sampling and transmission intervals
  GPS Optional GPS functionality for applications where you need positioning/location information
  Compatibility Various sensors and end-to-end devices are supported
  Storage Non-volatile memory for intermediate data storage (logging facility)
OEM circuit board T707 M717
Interfaces RS-232, RS-485, SDI-12 RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, CAN, SDI-12, USB 2.0
Internal memory 256 Kbytes, non volatile (50.000 measured values, respectively 30 days for standard applications) 3 Mbyte, non volatile (500.000 measured values, respectively 300 days for standard applications)
Sampling Interval Free programmable (minutes, hours, days, weeks) Free programmable (minutes, hours, days, weeks)
Power supply External 5,5 to 20 Volt External 6 to 30 Volt (M12); 5 Volt (USB)
Power consumption Standby/Receive mode (at 12 V) average 1 mA; Transfer mode (at 12 V) maximum 200 mA Standby/Receive mode (at 12 V) average 1 mA; transfer mode 300 mA (at 12 V) to maximum 600 mA (at 6 V)
Operating temperature range -20º to +60ºC

-30º to +60ºC (extended temperature range on request)

Dimensions L/W/H 45/95/25 mm 45/95/25 mm
Weight 50 g 50 g

RTU in the box - identical with OEM circuit board (unless indicated differently):
IP-Code IP 65 IP 66
Dimensions L/W/H 110/75/55 mm 110/75/55 mm
Weight 400 g 400 g

The Metrilog units support all SDI-12 (1.3) compatible sensors as well as some proprietary protocols of different sensor/weather station manufacturers. Below you can find a short abstract of sensors that are already used in various projects, respectively of sensors that are SDI-12 compatible and therefore plug and play with our units:

Manufacturer Protocol Model (abstract)
Acclima SDI-12 TDR-310S, TDR-315, TDR-315L, TDT Soil Moisture Sensor
Apogee SDI-12 SP-421-SS
Campbell Scientific SDI-12 CS215, CS451, CS230-L
Davis Davis Vantage Pro 2
FTS SDI-12 DTS-12, Radar Stage Sensor
GroPoint SDI-12 Lite / Pro
High Sierra Electronics SDI-12 6830-01
Imko SDI-12 PICO 64
In-Situ SDI-12 RDO Pro-X, TROLL 400
Instromet SDI-12 Sun Duration Sensor
Keller America SDI-12 Digilevel, 36 Xi W
Lambrecht Lambrecht Tropos 112/124
Lufft SDI-12 WS100, WS200, WS300, WS301, WS302, WS303, WS304, WS310, WS400, WS500, WS501, WS502, WS503, WS504, WS510, WS600, WS601, WS700, WS800, IRS31Pro, Ventus
Meter / Decagon SDI-12 Atmos 14, Teros 21
Microstep-MIS SDI-12 MSB780, MSB780X
Ott SDI-12 PLS, TRH, Parsivel2, HydroLab DS5 / DS5X / MS5, Pluvio2 S / L
Sommer SDI-12 SPA-2, IDS-20
Stevens SDI-12 HydraProbe
Thies Thies TDL14, TDL16
Vaisala SDI-12 WXT510, WXT520, WXT530, WMT7000
Young SDI-12 Response One

Due to the standardized Metrilog platform implementation, various other protocols can also be done within a short period of time. Please contact us for more information.

The Benefits of Using Our Service

Metrilog's services and products allow you to access your data quickly and carry out different innovative projects while increasing your efficiency and shortening time-to-market.

All-in-one solution

M2M unit, SIM card, M2M Gateway - various products - one supplier!


Connection of a large variety of different sensors and devices possible!

Ultra-Low-Power Mode

Extremely low power consumption for applications where operation with solar power or batteries is required!


The complete chain of communication is permanently monitored from start to finish!


With just a few clicks, you can customize your templates and settings on the Metrilog M2M Gateway according to your needs!

Data retrieval

Your data is automatically retrieved from our servers through the Replicate web services offered by Metrilog to all our customers for free!

Metrilog Remote Terminal Unit

Metrilog OEM, VAR or White Label

M717 as well as T707 are available in different versions.

You can either purchase the complete version that includes housing and all standard connectors, or you can order just boards and integrate them into existing installations or applications.

We will also gladly take any requests for licensing or white-labeling agreements.
OEM circuit board
Interfaces RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, CAN, SDI-12, USB 2.0
Internal memory 3 Mbyte, non volatile (500.000 measured values, respectively 300 days for standard application)
Sampling interval Free programmable (minutes, hours, days, weeks)
Power supply External 6 to 30 Volt (M12); 5 Volt (USB)
Power consumption Standby/Receive mode (at 12 V) 1 mA in average; transfer mode 300 mA (at 12 V) to a maximum of 600 mA (at 6 V)
Operating temperature range -30º to +60ºC (extended temperature range on request)
Dimensions L/W/H 45/95/25 mm
Weight 50 g

Are you interested in an OEM, VAR or White-Label agreement?

RTU Comparison

Our RTU's are suitable for a large variety of applications. Please choose either the M717 or T707, depending on which better suits your project. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Down below you will find a comparison of the units that are currently available:



Radio module GPRS (2G) GPRS (2G), EDGE (2.5G), WCDMA (3G), LTE (4G)
Interfaces RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, SDI-12 RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, SDI-12, CAN, USB 2.0
Protocols SDI-12, Thies, Davis, Lambrecht SDI-12, Thies, Davis, Modbus, CAN, more on request
Power supply 5,5 - 20V 6 - 30V (M12 connectors); 5V (USB)
Sampling interval Free programmable (minutes, hours, days, weeks) Free programmable (minutes, hours, days, weeks)
Transfer interval Free programmable (minutes, hours, days, weeks) Free programmable (minutes, hours, days, weeks)
Power consumption (standby, receive mode) average 1 mA (at 12V) average 1 mA (at 12V)
Power consumption (transfer mode) maximal 200 mA (at 12V) maximal 300 mA (at 12V) to maximal 600 mA (at 6V)
Internal memory 256 Kbytes, non volatile 3 Megabyte, non volatile
Internal memory (measured values/duration) 50.000 measured values or 30 days for standard applications 500.000 measured values or 300 days for standard applications
Operating temperature range -20º to +60ºC -30º to +60ºC (extended temperature range on request)
Hardware variants different variants available
(Thies, Davis, SDI-12 or Lambrecht)
One unit for all sensors and protocols
Simultaneous operation of different sensor varieties not possible Thies/Davis and SDI-12/Lambrecht possible
HTTPS encryption no yes
Maximum sensor values 54 128
Sensor Upgrade (OTA) no yes
USB interface no yes
SIM size Standard Nano
GPS module no on request
5G module no on request

  Extremely low power consumption

Metrilog RTUs can also operate in remote locations. The housing with IP66 protection, optimized data transfer, and extreme low power supply are only some of the outstanding features of our units.


All prices net in EUR. Prices are based on a single unit purchase. For information about volume discounts, please contact us.



  • SDI-12 interface
  • Standard Service-Level 25 MB data volume/month included
  • GPRS



  • Multiple interfaces
  • 25 MB data volume/month included (more data volume up on request)
  • * Currently not available

 One data collection unit for a large variety of sensors and devices.

Supports SDI-12 protocol, as well as RS232, RS422, RS485 and various other protocols.


A large array of SDI-12 based sensors are available from many sensor manufacturers; additional accessories e.g. SDI-12 adapters for non-SDI-12 sensors, cables and couplers etc. are available from Metrilog. Please call us if you are interested in custom adapters and interfaces.

Apart from the RTU's and the gateway services, Metrilog also offers different accessories such as rechargeable batteries, solar panels, adapters and interfaces, cables and much more. Sensors or application software from partner companies can also be obtained through Metrilog.

We are happy to support you in all aspects of your projects. If the products listed here do not fulfill your needs, please contact us.

Cable "SDI-12"

Cable to connect our RTU with a SDI-12 sensor (unshielded, 4 wires).

Item number: 1m 502.001
  2m 502.002
  3m 502.003
  5m 502.004
  10m 502.005

Cable "Thies"

Cable to connect our RTU with a THIES datalogger.

Item number: 10m 501.004

Cable "Davis"

Cable to connect our RTU with a Davis Vantage Pro 2 sensor.

Item number: 10m 501.005

Power supply "Davis"

Power supply for Davis cable.

Item number: 1m 500.017

Mounting material for the RTU

Mounting material for installing the RTU on the pole.
Content: 1 x mounting, 1 x hose clamp, 2 x screws, 2 x cable tie

Item number:    MDS-3051


Connector for multiple SDI-12 sensors to our RTU (circuit points: 2 x female connector and 1 x male connector).

Item number:   500.010
Please contact us for actual delivery terms since some accessories might not be in stock.

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