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M717 rev D

M717 rev D Features

  Location services (GNSS)


  One hardware for all sensors and weather stations

  Encrypted data transmission

  OTA firmware upgrade for compatible sensors and devices

M2M and IoT Solutions
from Metrilog!

Metrilog Data Services GmbH specializes in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications. Implementing an M2M application can be very complex. Metrilog will work with you on your project to make this process less difficult.

Complete End-to-End Solutions

Metrilog is the right partner to choose for all your telemetry and M2M / IoT projects. Our end-to-end communication solutions cover:

  •  LTE based remote units (3G and 2G compatible) and modules for data acquisition and control
  •  Data collection and storage on our M2M Gateway
  •  Interfaces to legacy applications using standard or proprietary protocols and file formats
  •  Cost-optimized data communication plans in cooperation with various mobile operators

Metrilog's communication system consists of the following components:

Remote Terminal Units

Data are continuously collected, stored and sent to the Metrilog M2M Gateway

Metrilog M2M Gateway

Central point of data acquisition of all remote units; data are made available to our customers via download through our web services

Knowledge and Support

Comprehensive experience and knowledge with mobile operators and fast high-level support

The change from M2M into IoT

Billions of IoT devices get connected and turn into intelligent objects. These objects do not only communicate with each other, but also with different servers and cloud platforms. Huge digital ecosystems combined from a variety of different industries profit from the possibility of commonly using this data. 

Data streaming from millions of smart devices provides insight into dynamically growing markets and support the development of new business models and revenue streams.

Metrilog simplifies the IoT for you

The increasing demand for complex digital networks can be challenging for new IoT developers and device manufacturers. Despite having wonderful ideas, it can be difficult for developers to connect smart devices with each other and take advantage of the data that they can communicate. Things can turn out to be even more complicated when they have to communicate with large amounts of devices that are in remote locations.

With 15 years of experience in the M2M and IoT sector, Metrilog is the best partner to trust with all of your valuable projects.

Building and rolling out IoT applications easier and faster

To ensure the success of IoT projects, Metrilog helps businesses to choose the best connectivity options while taking into account specific industrial nees, scalability, security and future-proof technology.

Metrilog's M717 and T707 provide ruggedized remote modules withSIMs already included, simplified network subscription management, and IoT services through the Metrilog Gateway. The remote units can be used worldwide and function with SIM cards  from all mobile operators.

Minimizing service trips through preventive maintenance​

IoT devices are often left unattended and installed in hard-to-reach locations. This means that maintenance costs can dramatically increase as the network grows.

Routine tasks such as calibration, software updates, or status requests of the remote unit can be a nightmare to deal with if you don't have the option to conveniently access the remote units at anytime from anywhere. Our IoT devices enable remote management of the M2M modules 24/7. This permanent network status monitoring reduces the overall cost of operation while simultaneously allowing you to stay informed about your general network performance.

An additional advantage of the Metrilog system is the fast integration of new modules into existing networks, which also shortens time-to-market and increased profitability of your project.


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