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Markets and Applications

Since the Internet has expedited the cross-linking of computers, and people are linking-up their communication profoundly via mobile devices, the integration of resources such as vehicles, machines, equipment or other devices has never mattered more.

Organizations of various industries and sectors rely on wireless data connectivity. Boosted by the general tendency not to build-up in-house infrastructure for operation and support, enterprises prefer booking services like ‚Metrilog's M2M Communication as a Service'.

Water and Waste Water


  • Flow rate
  • Level
  • Water metering

Automatic Meter Reading


  • Electric power
  • Gas
  • Water

Environment and Agriculture


  • Meteorology
  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation management
  • Road Weather Information

Industrial Applications


  • Machine Management
  • Remote Control of Air Condition Systems
  • Vending machines

Monitoring and Control


  • Condition Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Wireless Tank Level Monitoring
  • Statistics



  • Snow-making
  • Property and Real Estate Management, Facility Management
We have collected some interesting news articles for you:

IOT and M2M are part of all major markets and industries

​​​The booming Internet of Things (IoT) is on course to open endless possibilities in different markets and industries and dramatically improve efficiency and save costs by using new methods when comparing and analyzing reports, spreadsheets and also keeping track of devices and data consumption.

Water and Waste Water

In enterprises working in the water sector, monitoring of relevant measuring stations and periodical data transfer of metered parameters like water consumption, pressure, flow rate, level, precipitation, etc. are part of the daily routine. Nowadays in most cases this work is done by using wireless communication services.

For professional users this implies handling a number of single components and tasks, such as finding the right data logger to connect to the sensors or devices, or purchasing appropriate hardware. Selection of a network operator and evaluating cost and network coverage, up to the final visualization of the data collected is also part of the work. IoT and other information technologies along with bookable services, covering different aspects of M2M, improve time to market and make your projects highly cost-effective.

Measured and metered data even from remote locations without power supply can easily be transferred and visualized directly on your desk:
  •  Flow rate,
  •  Level
  •  Water metering, etc.

Statistics can be generated as csv files to simplify user import into programs like Excel.

Line chart regarding water consumption Zero-value recognition Pressure measurement

Of course you can also control your valves, pumps, etc. at the same time. Metrilog offers it´s water business customers a comprehensive service pack. 'M2M Water' includes all the necessary components. Connection to the measuring devices, provider-independent network communication services, an open IoT gateway concept, and a controlled and transparent monthly flat rate.

Take advantage of Metrilog 'M2M Water' for your water or waste water project
  •  Perfect visualization of measuring devices and sensor data directly on your desk
  •  Scheduled or manual control of valves or pumps
  •  Simple integration into your legacy process control system even at problematic or remote measuring points
  •  Standardized interfaces for accounting systems
  •  In-time recognition of irregularities like leakages, pressure decline, etc. - reduced response times
  •  Reduced effort and less time investment for maintenance staff

Environmental Monitoring


To deliver reliable weather forecasts and early warnings, a highly dense network of weathers stations and sensors is necessary. They provide end-to-end climatic information from temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, wind speed- and direction, barometric pressure as well as global radiation sensors and any other sensor that you would like to connect to our communication devices.

With the use of the Metrilog communication devices, all parameters from different sensors or weather stations are collected automatically at a very low cost and sent to the central Metrilog M2M Gateway where they are available in a uniform data format. Data collection as well as transmission intervals can be freely configured as well as the automated data retrieval from the Gateway to the end-user site.


Farmers highly depend on precise weather information to save cost and time when they are managing their fields. Different crops need different treatments at the right climatic conditions. Reliable information about precipitation, temperature, wind, etc. is the solid base for strategic decision making of every farmer.

Irrigation management

Economically and efficient handling of water resources leads to reduced production costs and increased profitability, as well as enhanced quality of the irrigated crop. 

By the use of soil moisture sensors and/or weather stations in combination with the Metrilog communication devices, users are able to permanently monitor soil conditions and thus avoid over- or under irrigation. At the same time, remote control of the irrigation system can be done through the use of the Metrilog T707 device. Automated irrigation scheduling is easily to manage with the 'Instruments' program, a tool provided by Metrilog free of charge.

Road Weather Information

An increased demand for so called 'road weather stations', has been noticeable over the past few years. These are used for accurate prediction of weather-conditioned traffic blocks and accidents as well as for reduction of costly inspection tours. They deliver valuable information for road safety especially during wintertime or during exceptional weather conditions like heavy rain, hail or wind.

With Metrilog RTU's, all parameters are collected at the same time and sent to the M2M Gateway in pre-defined intervals. The data on the gateway is stored and automatically retrieved by qualified solution partners for analysis and pre-warnings. Monthly service and communication fees are calculated as flat rates for all applications and no additional cost will occur independently in the country or application where the devices are installed.


  •  Faster response times due to continuous monitoring
  •  Cost reduction through efficient management of resources
  •  Higher precision in scheduling operations
  •  Reliable early warning in case of exceptional weather conditions

Monitoring and Control

If 'monitoring' is explained as an umbrella term for the systematic collection, logging, observation or tracing of events or processes using technical tools and resources - to 'control' means to interfere into such events in a steering way as soon as it does not follow the customary process (e.g. exceeds a certain threshold).

Based on this definition a series of M2M applications exist:

Condition Monitoring and Maintenance

To minimize unscheduled production outages on the one hand or to optimize scheduled repairs of complex technical systems (e.g. railroad systems, locomotives, cable cars, etc.) on the other hand, condition monitoring, concrete measurement, inspection and evaluation of the actual condition of system parts is elementary. Condition Monitoring means checking conditions of components by routine and providing essential information for the continuous optimization of maintenance processes.

Wireless Tank Level Monitoring

Together with partners delivering sensors and additional metering equipment, Metrilog offers a web-based remote monitoring service that collects and transfers critical tank level data and converts it into information to help customers manage their sites, pipelines, and tanks efficiently and economically. Tank Level Monitoring provides timely tank level data for slop tanks, water storage tanks, or other liquid tanks.

Automatic Meter Reading

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is the classic example for M2M communication, where consumption data from remote locations are transmitted via a cellulcar network into a control centre.

Particularly the deregulation of energy markets pushed automatic meter reading. In most cases, infrequent read-outs and often error-prone manual reading and visual inspection of the meters became redundant.

With its communication concept, Metrilog emphasizes on a technology with a high diffusion rate using various modern communication standards for transmitting collected data over existing mobile communication networks. As a result, there is a clear separation between the officially calibrated parts of the metering system and the communication part, respectively the final application.

The Metrilog model is flexible regarding the particular scale of applications. It delivers the best performance-price-ration for smart metering of different projects, starting from systems with a small amount of measuring units up to systems with a couple of hundreds or even thousands of RTU´s. The service is not only available for electric power, gas or water, but (depending on the manufacturer) also for heat cost allocators.

Metrilog´s powerful gateway is open-ended not only due to the relatively small time delay in the transmission of consumption data, but also because it can be used as the fundament for intelligent consumer products and innovative services.

Industrial Applications

Machine Management

Utilization of M2M applications is also very suitable in applications where real-time information about machine status can avoid costly breakdowns or secondary damages and economize operating cycles.

The Metrilog OEM module can be integrated in existing hardware environment and continuously deliver valuable information about e.g. oil pressure, engine temperature, engine hours and data from all other relevant signal transmitters in the machine. Data is automatically sent to and stored at the M2M Gateway and ready for pre-defined collection into existing analysis and application software.

Remote Control of Air Condition Systems

Intelligent positioned temperature sensors can help to decrease power consumption in data centers or server farms. Research in the field of Green-IT in the US has led to the conclusion that temperature reduction per each degree Celsius in data centers leads to a 5% increase in energy costs.

For constant monitoring of temperature in partly remote data centers a precise temperature and relative humidity sensor is connected to the Metrilog M717. If the temperature goes below pre-defined thresholds and power consumption is unnecessarily increased an event triggered alarm can be set to avoid higher cost or a breakdown of the whole facility. Technical failures also can be detected immediately and thus avoid possible down times.

Vending machines

Automated monitoring of vending machines with regards to malfunction or filling level leads to faster reaction-time, increased service quality and avoids unnecessary loss of income. Accurate real-time information on filling levels enables companies to better plan their resources and avoids possible unnecessary drives to remote vending machines.


There is still a multitude of IoT applications and areas of operations existing. As examples we are listing here just a few:

Snow-making systems

For artificial snow-making amongst other parameters climatic and hydrological information has to be brought in perspective to deliver a data basis for the event-driven control of the entire snow-making equipment and its components, including snow guns, pumps, etc. Often the data transmission is based on mobile communication networks.


Property and Real Estate Management, Facility Management

In various countries, property and real estate managers or owners are pledged by legal regulation to record e.g. water consumption at the property line on a regular basis. The goal of the recording is to inspect and to prove water thigtness. The most cost-efficient and smartest way, is automated metering and documentation of the consumption history utilizing a managed service like Metrilog offers.

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